Welcome to my Peugeotmt website

This site was developed, primarily, to organise some useful reference data. It also contains an image gallery for oscilloscope wave forms that maybe of use to reference against.

When this site was developed, the majority of my career had been as a Peugeot Master Technician and consequently most of the information is derived from Peugeot related sources.

The "scope" images have been captured using a Fluke 199 scopemeter or a PicoScope 4423/4425 4 channel scope. They have been edited as necessary for display purposes.

The "EOBD" and "manufacturers" codes are collated from various sources, including manufacturer training notes and diagnostic equipment intepretations. Some have a link to a "descriptions" page. These descriptions may show a fix for faults relating directly to the code or checks to make to help with the diagnosis. They are my own notes and interpretations and so I accept no responsibility for wrong diagnosis!!

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