PSA EOBD 'U' Codes

The table below is the list of, manufacturer specific "U" codes available for Peugeot / Citroen. (They have been collated over a period of time and from various sources. They may not be accurate)

U1XXX - Network Communication

U0040 EDC16C3 - Multiplexing. Fault on VAN/CAN
U0046 EDC16C3 - Multiplexing. Fault on VAN/CAN
U0121 - MM6LP. Configuration.
EDC16C3 - Multiplexing. No communication with the ABS.
U0122 EDC16C3 - Multiplexing. Absence of communication with the ESP
U0415 - Johnson Controls J34P. Automatic gearbox ECU reception. No Signal.
J34P - No vehicle speed information transmitted by the ABS/ESP ECU. No signal.
U1000 SID 801 - CAN communication with Engine ECU
MM6LP - The engine ECU does not communicate any longer on the system.
U1001 CAN communication
U1003 SID 801 - CAN communication
MM6LP - No communication on the network.
U1108 Auto gearbox communication fault with engine management (ECM)
U1118 SID 803 - (407)Receiving fault. Multiplexing. No BSI or air conditioning communication.??( with ECM).
MM6LP - Dialogue with BSI. No communication with the BSI.
U1167 Fault in pressure regulation - AL4 - (variation / recommendation)
U1213 Tyre Under inflation dection (807 CAN) - Fault in vehicle speed information received by the CAN from the ABS/ESP ECU.
AL4 (807) Function ESP. Coherence. (CAN)
U1218 MM6LP - Dialogue with BSI. Incorrect value received.
U1308 Engine speed signal. No signal - AL4 - injection throttle potentiometer (CAN)
U1313 AL4 - Vehicle speed transmitted by the ABS (CAN).
U1600 EDC15C7 - Coded immobiliser. Wrong key
U2000 Reception of main wake-up request information
U2001 SID 803 Multiplexing. Remotely controlled triggering information not coherent. (CAN)
U2003 Remote controlled wake-up inconsistency between main wake-up signal and electrical signal
C1187 Battery voltage. Engine running voltage too low.
C1327 Bosch ABS/ESP - Left hand rear wheel speed sensor circuit. Low input. (Coherence).
C1337 Bosch ABS/ESP - Right hand rear wheel speed sensor circuit. Low input. (Coherence).
C1408 DAE (PAS) - No vehicle speed information
C1604 Under inflation detection.(407). Absence of rear left valve. fault

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